Axsy Data Privacy Notice

1. Introduction

Axsy is committed to protecting the data of users of Axsy software and services. In doing so, Axsy ensures that its data protection measures are consistent with the latest data protection legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation.

The purpose of this data privacy notice and / or any updates to this data privacy notice is to make you aware of the personal information that will be used by the Axsy Retail Execution mobile app and / or any updates to such software provided by Axsy (the Software). We encourage you to read the information below carefully. 

2. Information Used by the Axsy Software

Authentication Data

To use the Software, the Software will require personal information provided by you for authentication purposes. This information will consist of a username and password (Authentication Data). 

The originating source controller and processor of your Authentication Data is (SFDC). If you want to change your Authentication Data, you or your administrator must do so within the underlying SFDC service. You cannot change your Authentication Data within the Software, nor can Axsy do this for you.

Customer Data

During your use of the Software you may view and collect information relating to your customers, including contact information, email address, telephone contact information and address information (Customer Data). This information could identify a corporate entity or an individual contact within such corporate entity.

Visitor Data

Reference data relating to a visit with your customer may include personal information relating to the individual(s) performing the task, including the individual’s name, email address, telephone contact information and address information (Visitor Data).

Custom Fields Data

Custom fields created by you on the Salesforce Platform to capture additional information relating to your business and/or interactions with suppliers, customers or other parties may contain personal information.

Axsy is not the data controller or a data processor with regards to Authentication Data, Customer Data, Visitor Data or Custom Fields Data. Axsy has no access to or control over any of this data.

Support Data

The Software will display your username and email address (Support Data) in the profile section of the Software. Support Data will also be retrieved by the Software from SFDC for inclusion in any diagnostics reports that may be generated by the Software.

3. Use of Information

Your Authentication Data will be stored on the Salesforce platform. Every time you log into the Software, your Authentication Data is validated with SFDC to enable you to use the Software. Your data will be protected by encryption techniques during the validation process between the Software and SFDC.

Your Customer Data, Visitor Data and Customer Fields Data (Retail Execution Data) as well as your Support Data is stored on the Salesforce Platform. In order to enable you to use the services, Retail Execution Data and Support Data is temporarily synchronised to, stored in and displayed to you on your mobile device by the Software. Any changes made or new Retail Execution Data captured by you are synchronised back to the Salesforce Platform. After you logout from the Software, the temporary storage of Retail Execution Data and Support Data in the Software is cleared.

The Retail Execution Data will be protected by encryption techniques while it is used for he purposes described above. At no point in time does Axsy access, control, store (on an Axsy platform or system), or otherwise process the Retail Execution Data.

During your use of the Software a diagnostics report may be generated by the Software. In that event your Support Data will be sent to a support monitoring service managed by Axsy. The diagnostics report will enable Axsy to improve future versions of the Software.

4. Information Sharing

Axsy has no access to your Authentication Data or Retail Execution Data and will not disclose your information to any third party.

During the data synchronisation process the Retail Execution Data is retrieved from and sent back to the Salesforce Platform by the Software.

The Support Data in the diagnostics reports can only be viewed by Axsy support personnel on a need-to-know basis. The Support Data is not disclosed to any third party and will be deleted after 90 days.

5. Data Protection

The Software has security measures to help protect your data including: i) authenticated access; ii) encryption of Authentication Data, Customer Data, Visitor Data and Custom Fields Data and Support Data while stored on your mobile device and during transmission to and from the Salesforce Platform; iii) encryption of Support Data during transmission to the support monitoring service; and iv) software timeouts.

You are responsible for protecting your Authentication Data and preventing access to the Software while your mobile device is unattended.

6. Who We Are

We are Axsy Marketing (UK) Limited, a private limited company incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company number 8579539. Our registered office is at 1 Doughty Street, London WC1N 2PH, United Kingdom

7. Objecting to Data Processing

If at any time you object to the Software retrieving, temporarily storing, displaying to you or otherwise processing your data, you must uninstall the Software on all your mobile devices.