The following limitations will affect the Feb'22 release of the Axsy Retail Execution Mobile App. 


The following issue(s) pertain to Salesforce Flows run in the Axsy Retail Execution Mobile App.

  1. Issue: Duplicate values for Flow components when value not specified. 
    • ConditionsAll of the following conditions are required for the issue to occur.  
      • A screen containing the component is visited twice (e.g., via back navigation or a loop).
      • A screen contains a File Upload, Lookup Record or Signature Capture component. 
      • The component has the same variable for the input and output parameter. 
      • The component was given a value previously. 
      • The component is not given a new value the next time it is visited.
    • Example: A screen loops over a File Upload component, each time prompting the user to upload a new image. The user uploads a file for the first loop iteration but doesn't for the second loop iteration. 
    • Outcome: The app will upload the file used for the first loop iteration for the second, resulting in duplicate records.