The Axsy RE Mobile App uses the Display URL Salesforce Field to display the image for a product. 

The recommended file size for product images is less than 200KB in order to reduce the potential for a excessive amount of image data when there are a large amount of product records.    

Edit a Product Record

Add the product image URL to a Product record. 

The URL must be a publicly accessible URL and can be from any Cloud Platform. For more information on how to access image URLs from the Salesforce Platform, see the instructions further down the page.  

Access the Public URL for a Salesforce Image 

1. Add the image file to the Files record list on the Salesforce Platform by navigating to App Launcher > Files > Upload Files

2. Select the file to open its Preview

3. Select Public Link to generate a URL. 

4. Select Copy Link when a URL is generated and paste it into a new browser window. 

5. A preview of the image will be displayed. Right-click on the image and select Copy Image Address. Use this address as the link for the product's display URL.