The Axsy Retail Execution Mobile App supports an out-of-the-box method to calculate values for KPI fields based on the input of other KPI fields, both online and offline. This can be achieved by using Salesforce Flows to access the entered values of specific KPI fields and make calculations with them through configured formulas.

For more information on how to create Salesforce Flows, please see this Salesforce Trailhead: Guide Users Through Your Business Processes with Flow Builder



Users want to be able to calculate the "Share of Shelf" KPI based on the entered value of the "Number of Facings" KPI. A calculation needs to take place to get the "Share of Shelf" calculated value using the "Number of Facing" KPI's Actual and Target Values. The calculation needs to be: Actual Number of Facings / Target Number of Facings * 100

Salesforce Flow Steps

  1. Retrieve all RetailVisitKPI records related to the "Share of Shelf" KPI and "Number of Facings" KPI for the Inventory Check Assessment Task related to the current Visit.
  2. Use a Loop Element to loop through the retrieved RetailVisitKPI records, calculate the "Share of Shelf" KPI based on the Actual and Target Value for the "Number of Facings" KPI.
  3. Update the actual "Share of Shelf KPI" with the calculated result.

Steps in the Axsy RE Mobile App

  1. Fill in one more Number of Facings KPIs on the Inventory Check Task and save your answers. 
  2. Select the Back button to exit the Inventory Check Task and then run the Salesforce Flow from the same Visit. 
  3. Navigate back to the Inventory Check Task to view the populated Share of Shelf KPIs.