Recent Changes to Production Environments 

If the issue is occurring in a production environment, please confirm if this issue coincides with changes made to the production environment. In the event that the issue coincides with changes made in production, please roll-back those changes and re-test before contacting Axsy. 

Logging In 

There are problems with user credentials 

If there are problems with user credentials, make sure that the user is using the correct login page for a Production Org, Sandbox Org or Custom Domain. Please see this article for more information on how to change to a different login page: Logging In to the Mobile App

The user can log in but sees an error message about a license 

Please check that the user has been assigned a license for the Axsy RE Managed Package as well as the necessary Axsy Permission Sets: Assign Permission Sets, Install the Axsy Managed Packages

In-App Visit Creation

There is a delay with the Visit creation

There may be a delay in Visit Tasks and associated KPIs appearing in the Axsy Mobile App due to the time it takes for Salesforce to generate the necessary Visit data, and the time needed to sync this data to the Axsy Mobile App.  This delay can be significant if there is a large amount of Visit data to be synced and/or slow network connection during Visit creation.

Missing Data for Visits 

If there is missing data related to a user's Visit, please review the steps below to ensure that the user has the correct Salesforce permissions required to access the data. 

The user can't see Visits assigned to them / Assessment Tasks 

  1. Check that the correct Permission Sets for Salesforce RE and Axsy RE have been assigned to the user on Salesforce.
  2. Set up a similar Visit with a user that has a Salesforce Administrator Profile and check to see if information is still missing. If you can now see the relevant data, ensure that the field rep user has object-level and field-level access to the necessary objects. The user must have access to the VisitorAddressId and Location fields of the Location object. If you still cannot view the data as the admin user, please see the next step below. 
  3. Create a Visit with the field rep user - rather than an admin or other dispatcher user - and check to see if the Visit data is then visible. If this works, please ensure that the field rep user has applicable sharing access permissions so that they can see Visit and Action Plans created by other users.