The Axsy Retail Execution Mobile App supports Salesforce's implementation of validation rules for 'Object local' and 'Field local' rules of the Create or Update Quick Action types. This means that validation formulas that reference itself or another field within the same object record can be validated by the Axsy Retail Execution Mobile App before being synced to Salesforce. The validation rules are synced to the Axsy app in a metadata file at login and can be enforced when the user is offline, ensuring no faulty records will trigger an error from Salesforce to the Axsy app. 

Please see this Salesforce Trailhead for more information on Salesforce's Validation Rules: Create Validation Rules

The following operators and functions are supported in the formulas used for the validation rules: Supported Formulas

If a validation rule makes a cross reference to an object outside of the current record being created or updated, or if the formula references an unsupported function or operator, the validation rule will be ignored by the Axsy app but will continue to be evaluated from the Salesforce Platform (viewable in the Pending Uploads Queue). 


1. Login to the Axsy Retail Execution Mobile App and access a Quick Action to edit a field that has a validation rule created for it. 

2. Give the field a faulty value that will not meet the validation rule requirement and will be evaluated as false.

3. The error message that has been configured for the validation rule in Salesforce will be displayed and the value will not be allowed to be saved. 

Retail Visit KPI Object Records are not part of the standard edit UI as they are not accessed via a Quick Action. Therefore, validation rules for Retail Store KPI answers are not currently supported at this time.