Enhanced Order Capture is an Axsy Plugin that lets users create their Orders with ease and efficiency using a table-based experience. 

Covered in this article is how to: 

  1. Create an Order 
  2. Refine the Product List
  3. Add Products to your Order 
  4. Save your Order 
  5. Place your Order 

Navigate to the Place Order Task of a Visit

1. Once you have started a Visit, select the Place Order Task to start your Order. 

2. Select Create Order to begin. If the Visit has any existing Draft Orders that have been created, you can also select one from the list to proceed with that Order. 

Refine the Product List 

There are various ways that you can refine the Products in the table to easily locate certain Products.


Search for specific Products by Name via the search bar to narrow down the list in the table. 


Select the Sort button at the top of the screen to sort Products based on Product Fields from Salesforce. 



To view certain Products, you can filter the list to only view Products that meet your criteria. Select the Filter icon at the top of the screen. 

Scan a Product Code

To find a physical Product in the Store, select the More icon and then scan in a barcode to find a match.  

Add Products to your Order 

You can add Products individually, or in bulk by accessing data about Previous Orders.


Add quantities of Products to your basket by selecting the + and - buttons for the Product. You can also manually enter an exact quantity.

Access Order History for a specific Product 

1. You can access the Order History for a specific Product by selecting the Date History for that Product. 

2. When the Order History list opens, select Set Quantity for a previous quantity for the Product. 

Repurchase a set of Products from Previous Orders

Enhanced Order Capture accesses data about previous Orders and can therefore pre-populate Order amounts based on past Visits. Select the Quantity icon at the top of the screen. 

Save your Order


If you need to come back to the Place Order Task for later, select Save at the top right hand corner of the screen. Your Order will be saved as a Draft and you will be able to reaccess all your previous data by selecting the Draft. 

Place your Order

Once you are happy with your Order, select the Confirm icon at the top of the screen. A green message will appear on the screen to confirm that your Order has been moved to the Pending Uploads Queue and will sync to Salesforce when a connection is made available.