The Axsy Retail Execution Mobile App allows users to create new Visits for themselves while online. In this way, Visits can be created on-the-spot with the records being synced to the Salesforce Platform automatically when a data connection is available. 

Navigate to a Visit in the Axsy RE Mobile App 

1. Tap the three dots at the top right-hand corner of either the Visits list screen or a Visit screen. 

2. Select the Create Visit Action. 

3. Select values for the key fields for your next Visit and then select Save

For more information on how to configure which fields are displayed to the user when creating a Visit, please see this article: Configure Available Fields When Creating a New Visit

4. Your Planned Visit will appear in the calendar with all Tasks associated with its Action Plan.

A manual sync using the 'Sync Now' button may be required to sync new KPI records for the Tasks of the new Visit from Salesforce, or, users can wait until a scheduled sync occurs to retrieve the records from Salesforce automatically. For more information on Delta Sync, please see this article: Refreshing data using the Sync Now Button