The Axsy Retail Execution Mobile App will sync data using a default syncing scope, syncing data for offline use when the user logs in to the app. 

This article describes the default scope. The scope can be reconfigured extensively by using Flex Sync: Flexible Sync

Syncing Depth 

The Axsy Retail Execution Mobile App has been given a default syncing depth of 6. This means that from the Visit (the root Object of the app's priming "graph"), we will prime the next 6 layers of Objects based on the Related Lists and Lookup Fields of the Objects that are included in the priming graph. Please see diagram below for an example priming graph.

Related Lists and Fields 

The Related Lists that are synced to the app are dependent on them being on the Page Layout of their parent Object. Fields for Objects that are part of the priming graph will be synced to the app regardless of whether they are on the Page Layout of the Object, but should be added where needed to ensure they are displayed to the user. Navigate to Setup > Object Manager > Object > Page Layouts to configure Page Layouts.


Flows that are synced to the app on login need to be in App Extensions under Field Service Mobile Settings (Salesforce Setup). 

Quick Actions 

Quick Actions that are synced to the app need to be added to the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section of the record's Page Layout.