For more information on this Salesforce Task Type and its functionality, please see here: Order Creation

This UX for the Place Order Task is now considered deprecated, but can be implemented. To do this, navigate to the app's Settings > Advanced Settings and select the toggle to activate Classic Order UI, close the app and restart it again.

The Classic Order UI toggle is always disabled by default when logging in. As a result, if activated, it will not remain activated when logging out and back into the mobile app.

Complete an Order on the Axsy App

1. Select the Place Order Task on the list of Tasks once you have begun a Visit.

2. Products will be presented when scrolling and users can add quantities of Products to the Cart by selecting 'Add to Cart' after the Quantity is defined. 

3. When ready to checkout, tap the cart icon at the top of the screen. 

4. Before confirming the Order, you can make changes and amend items by changing quantities or completely removing the Product from the Cart. 

5. Then select Confirm Order. When the transaction has been completed, the items will disappear and the Confirm Order button will turn grey. 

6. If the Order is executed offline, the Pending Uploads Queue will hold all relevant data and will automatically sync everything to Salesforce when a connection is retrieved - without manual intervention. 

Please see here for more on how to navigate to the Pending Uploads Queue Setting on the Axsy Retail Execution App: Navigation

7. Then, it is possible to view the details of and track the corresponding Order record in Salesforce via the Orders Object.