Axsy Retail Execution allows an administrator to control how much and which information is synced to the mobile app for offline use. 

Enable File Priming

When File Priming is enabled, files such as Product images, Planogram reference images and Promotion Assets are synced to the app on login. 

There is a Custom Setting to control if File Priming is enabled or disabled. If File Priming is disabled, these files are loaded on-demand when the user is online and then cached for offline access.

1. You can configure this Custom Setting directly from the Axsy Retail Execution Lightning App by navigating to the Settings tab. Click the File Priming toggle to activate it. 

2. Alternatively, navigate to Setup > Custom Settings > Axsy ReX Mobile > Manage > New (or Edit existing), and select the checkbox to enable File Priming. 

  1. Assign the Location to a Profile or User. 
  2. Save your changes. 

Configure Offline File Library 

You can also configure which Salesforce Files and Libraries you want to be synced to the app via the Offline File Library input field on the Axsy Retail Execution Web App. Salesforce Libraries and Files need to be configured on the Salesforce Platform in order for them to be available to sync at login. 

The File Priming toggle needs to be enabled for Salesforce Files to be synced to the app. 

1. On the Salesforce Platform, navigate to the App Launcher > Files > Libraries, and ensure that the relevant files have been assigned to a Library. 

2. Navigate to the Axsy Retail Execution Web App's Settings tab, and search for Libraries under the Offline File Library input field. 

Save your changes.