The Axsy Retail Execution Web App allows an administrator to control how much and which information is synced to the mobile app for offline use. Product List Views can often be extensive, with hundreds of products to sync, making syncing time longer than necessary. A Custom Setting to control what Product List Views are synced can be configured for all users at an Org level or for specific Users and User Profiles. 

There are two ways you can configure this Priming Setting: 

1. Search for the Product List View 

1. You can configure this Custom Setting directly from the Axsy Retail Execution Web App by navigating to the Settings tab. 

  1. Search for and select the Product List Views you want to sync. 
  2. Use the drop-down menu at the top of the screen to configure these settings to the Org or to specific Users and User Profiles.

2. Use the Product List View's URL

1. Alternatively, navigate to a Product List View on Salesforce's Retail Execution Lightning App. Copy the ID of the Product List View from the URL bar.


2. Navigate to Setup > Custom Settings > Axsy ReX Mobile > Manage > New (or Edit existing) and paste the ID into the Priming Product List Views input field. 

  1. For multiple Product List Views, separate each ID with a comma and a space. 
  2. Set the Location to a User or a User Profile.
  3. Save your changes.